... is a modular control system for a broad range of applications, including but not limited to Rental & Staging, Broadcast, Conference Rooms, Building Automation, Command & Control. The combination of reliable hardware and easy-to-use software provides a synergy unmatched by other solutions.

Our system enables you to quickly set up a central point of control for multiple devices. Easily configure intuitive and flexible control interfaces with nested menus and dynamic visual feedback.

Thanks to the modular design 42 CONTROLS® is highly customizable to meet your requirements. Choose from a range of durable frames and high-end input modules to build your controller or ask us for an individual tailor-made solution.

With the complementary programming tool PIDEF™ you have all the flexibility of a full-fledged programming language at your fingertips without writing a single line of code. PIDEF™ is user-extensible by design and, coupled with the universal control protocol GDCP® , makes it easy to integrate almost any device into your system.
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  • Reliable
  • Configurable
  • Intuitive
  • Made in Germany