PIDEF™ (Programmable Interconnected Data & Execution Flow) is a visual, interactive and reactive dataflow programming language.

PIDEF™ comes with a vast library of multi-purpose components that is continuously expanded and refined. If you still can't find the function you are looking for, you can even define your own reusable component that seamlessly integrates into your programs. You are free to share your library with other PIDEF™ users.

  • Visual: Adding a function to your program is as simple as dragging a component into your workspace and connecting it to others.
  • Interactive: The program can run while you build it, giving you immediate feedback about your changes.
  • Reactive: PIDEF™ programs can automatically react to external events without any additional work required.
  • Dataflow: Focus on what your program does, not how it does it. PIDEF™ will handle the details for you.
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  • Visual
  • Interactive
  • Reactive
  • Dataflow