GDCP® - Generic Device Control Protocol

GDCP® is a general purpose control protocol designed to enable maximum interoperability between many different devices. From a simple coffee maker up to a complex video processor or even industrial machine, GDCP® presents the device's state and function in a uniform and easy to understand tree structure.

Through announcements over broad- and / or multicast, GDCP® allows for self-configuring control systems where the controllers automatically find the devices to control. To save network bandwidth and processing power, GDCP® implements a subscriber model, i.e. a client can "subscribe" to specific events on a remote device; as long as the connection stays open, the client will be notified of the relevant state changes.

GDCP® is an open and royalty free standard. Any manufacturer of any device that is controllable in any way is highly welcome to join the consortium and adopt the GDCP® standard. Hardware manufacturers can implement GDCP® either natively or via a translator to their proprietary protocol.

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  • Easy to implement
  • Can represent any device
  • Human readable
  • Royalty free