The control software 42 CONTROLS® Octo GUI makes it possible to easily create complex shows with the media server Picturall Octo. Many intuitive features make 42 CONTROLS® the ideal solution for complex events or trade shows with a variety of display situations.
  • Simulator – Live functionality with Take-button
  • Move, rotate and scale layers in the intuitive interface
  • Media selection by drag & drop
  • The Octo-outputs are shown on the pixel canvas for easy positioning of the layers
  • Magnetic lock-in position functions
  • Individual layout: all windows can be placed freely
  • Dynamic thumbnails
  • Take-history for any undos
  • Cue-based scripts

Here you can download the Octo GUI software:

The demo version has all features the full version provides, but you cannot load/save your files and the program will be closed after 2 hours (but you can restart it as many times as you like).
For using the full version you require a dongle. Please contact us via phone or email for ordering.
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  • Simple and intuitive
  • For media server Picturall Octo
  • Create complex shows
  • Cue-based scripts