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The 42 CONTROLS® S.P.O.C. Console is perfectly suited for live event applications. As a show controller, it allows you to define presets, show cues, automatic redundancy switching and much more.

With eight slots for input modules, you can control and monitor your whole system without struggling through deeply nested sub-menus. Integrated LEDs with adjustable intensity allow you to read your show scripts even under difficult lighting conditions. The haptical and fully-programmable visual feedback of the OLED buttons keeps you up-to-date about the state of connected devices and helps you manage the show perfectly.

By simplifying complex devices into simple control units, you can trigger any important function and keep track of the current state. Now, a whole event – including audio, video, light and PowerPoint sources – can be run by a single person with a 42 CONTROLS® console.

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  • Haptical & optical feedback
  • Show automation
  • Save navigation
  • Redundancy switching
  • Consolidated control