Conference Room

Let the speaker take control. 42 CONTROLS® allows you to integrate matrices, audio & video players, lighting and many more devices into one seamless system. Customizable wall- or table-mounted input modules blend in perfectly into any installation.

With our unique programming tool PIDEF™, you can program complex functions, e.g. turning on the projector, dimming the lights and closing the blinds simultaneously. Easily and quickly create multiple control layouts for different types of events. By displaying information usage hints on the High Color OLED buttons, you can enable even inexperienced users to control all important aspects of the presentation.

Linking several input modules together allows for multiple points of control throughout the room or building. For public installations, 42 CONTROLS® offers the feature to assign user permissions to sensitive functions.

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  • Control multiple devices at the touch of a button
  • High Color OLED buttons
  • Broadcast on air automation
  • Table- or Wall-Mounted
  • Simplify complex systems