Controlling and monitoring your whole set has never been easier. With 42 CONTROLS®, you can define your own control logic and presets in just a few steps. Through customizable menus and freely configurable buttons, you can control even the most complex setups. The easy-to-learn programming tool PIDEF™ provides you with the flexibility to change your control layout on the fly.

Our control system serves as the central point of convergence for video, lights, audio and other devices. The flexible programming of pages with separate responsibilities allows all your operators to work smoothly hand-in-hand and thus guarantees a perfect show.

42 CONTROLS® offers automatic redundancy switching and allows you to receive real-time visual feedback for any para-meter, be it device state, monitoring data or any other vital information in your uplink chain. This helps you to quickly respond in case of critical events in a live environment.

Virtually map your equipment into an intuitive menu structure to optimize your workflow. Recurrent tasks can be automated according to your needs.
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  • Redundancy switching
  • User programmable logic
  • Broadcast on air automation
  • Unlimited menu &
    control levels
  • Preview on OLED keys